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Real Current - Wall Mount 200AH Lithium

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Real Current - Home Storage lithium LiFePo4 51V /200AH Wall Mount 

Energy storage system for households and small commercial businesses to store excess power generated by solar for late use Lithium battery storage parameters

Real Current - Home Storage lithium LiFePo4 51V /100AH Rack Mount

Unique Features
• Cycle Counter
• 16 cells (16S/1P)
• Large LCD Display
• DC switch included

MAIN Features
Lithium LFP cells 51.2V - 200Ah DOD 10% 6000cycles
Rated Capacity 100.0Ah
Standard discharge Maximum Continuous Charge Current 100.0A
Customized Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 100.0A 

  • Digital monitoring system APP
  • High inverter compatibility
  • Reliable LFP cells
  • CANbus standard connection
  • Natural cooling system
  • 5 Years limited warranty
  • IP65